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Oct 15, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of hissthen the president of the united statee. he ffels personal responsiiility for every the wwrld." standup: but critics say thh administration's handling of libya before the attack is just as trrubling. in a hearing last week... workerss extta security as requested. and an investigation is what the ppesident and the secretary of sttte have asked por so that we can understand directly aal the things that necessary tt keep anybody that safe from harm." coofey 22:37:49 the administraaion pas een verr aiie and has failed to understand the powers that are shifting in the middle east. as both ides debate the &pissue, there is one point the whetter aaditional funding is needed to better protect americanssabroad as well as the country'ssassests. joy lepola fox 455news at 5:00. ray llwis... and lardarius webb.. outtfor the season. ravenss head coach john harbaugh making that announcement today. both were hurt in the win against the dallas powboys yesttrday. that leads us to our question of the day... ravens make it to the super boww without ray lewis a
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
a state prosecutor handling the criminal case against anne &parundel county executive john leopold, is leaving her post to prosecute olice misconduct wiil join the city state'ss - attorney's office as chhef of the police inteeritt unit. gllnn has handled ssveral high profile cases innluding the triallof foomer baltimore mayor sheila dixon.... and the investigation into delegate tiffany alston, wwo pleadd guilly this week to sing campaign funds to pay for er new positiin november 1st. there's... on... gallaudet univerrity... to... reinstate... diversity .... - officer.../ suspended... for... signing... a... same sex ...marriage petin petitton. mccaskill... waa placed... on... administrative leave.../, after... she favor... of... putting... same... sex marriage ...on he pallot..../ the... univeesity presiddnt,.../ says... she... took part.... in... a... campaign... some feel -inappropri but... -&n demands... from... pro... and... aatt-gaa marrrage.... -fol have her reinstatee. (levin) "we dont kkow
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
seccetary leon panetta sayssthe united statts was recently at risk of a "digital pearl harbor". he says iran is the ooiiin of recent network ttaccs on computees n saudi arabia,,and financial institutions ii the financianited states.s ii the states. defendiig those attacks is one of the biggest parts of the big ccber- maryland convennion in town this week.our state haa become the hub or ccber security thousand joos urrently &availa getting those jobs sson... but for cash in a vvrtual cyber-defenne ccmpetitiinn barbara mikulski is on the iitellegeece ommittee and she ssys the peetagon is under attack from one million hacking attacks a day. of my chair. every day we aree - under attack. our personnl including them steellng our &ptrade secrets to future ideas :58 even the baatimorr raaens are here talking about hackinn. they are constantly trying to defend their playbbok from getting into the wrong hands. new tonnght n ox 5 news at 5:30... ...a ballimore family is muudered for fightinggback. what's changed ten years laaer. officer at a major university is suupended for signing a peti
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3